This packing is braided with the original
GFO Gore yarn. It is printed 100% GFO as a guarantee.
Used on all dynamic applications where a combination of resistance and softness is required.
Not suitable with strong oxidising applications.

Gland packing manufactured with GORE® GFO® GORE and Aramid yarns with a particular braiding process which brings separately and alternatively each section made by a single yarn (zebra design). This design increases the resistance to extrusion and preserves the shaft’s wear.


This packing is braided with the original GFO Gore and aramid yarn on the corners in order to improve the mechanical resistance. Available in the style Gf7676 where the GFO and the aramid yarns are braided together.

This is a planigraph gasket with an inside
reinforcement ring that increases the effectiveness of the seal, a solution that allows minimal spread of fluid through the most stressed part of the gasket.

This is a pure LGRF graphite which is more versatile and universal for application on flanges and flanged couplings of heat-exchangers.
A better resistance to the permeability can be obtained with the internal edge of the gasket. A thickness of 2mm is recommended for high sealing integrity.

This is the solution to the requirement of compressibility and elasticity in order to guarantee sealability. This gasket can also be available on the fire safe.